Sturgeon Industrial Park
Sturgeon Industrial Park
Sturgeon Industrial Park
Sturgeon Industrial Park
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sturgeon industrial park is the Premier Business Enterprise Facility in Arlington 76001

sturgeon industrial park is a great way to capitalize on the economic renaissance currently transpiring in Arlington. Sturgeon Business Park, located just a few miles south of I-20 off of illustrious Cooper St., has integrated properties within the park that can cater to a wide array of business property seekers. Whether it is an office warehouse for sale in Dallas or an office to rent in tarrant county, this business park in Arlington near 76007 can be the solution to all your business ventures.

The business park was built in the year 2000 and was built with:

  • 5” Concrete Slab
  • Insulated Metal Roof
  • Skylights
  • Partial Concrete Tilt Wall Construction

And the rental properties are well suited for:

  • Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Distributing
  • Office Space

The 121,000 sq. ft. business center is the supreme choice for anyone in need of a tarrant county office warehouse or for someone simply with the desire to rent commercial property.

Affordable, First-Rate Industrial Space

The industrial space located within the park is zoned for “Industrial Manufacturing” by the city of Arlington. The park is serviced by.

  • TU Electric
  • Southwestern Bell
  • Lone Star Gas
  • Arlington Water and Sewage

Any Texas industrialist would thrive in the Sturgeon Industrial Park; the amenities, the features, the location, and the price all culminate together to make it the perfect property. Even those simply looking for an office warehouse for sale in DFW will easily be able to find comfort and solace in the affordable, constructive warehouse for rent.

In Need of a warehouse for sale in arlington?  Rent or Lease one from RDS Real Estate Today

For those looking to purchase commercial property in Fort Worth or purchase commercial property in Dallas, it is quite beneficial to know that buying properties outright is usually not the best option.  Renting or Leasing is typically much more cost-effective and more affordable, and most likely is always the best option for up-and-coming business owners.

If your business requires a warehouse and are in need of a warehouse for sale in arlington near the 76001 area, RDS Real Estate is pleased to offer a tarrant county warehouse for rent located within its Arlington industrial park. Those specifically looking to rent an office warehouse in Dallas may need to consider their options just west towards Arlington. “The west is the best, the west is the best. Get here and we’ll do the rest.”

sturgeon business park is a Great Alternative to Those Looking to Rent office space in dallas

If your eyes are squandering over whether to rent office space in dallas or to rent commercial property in Fort Worth, RDS Real Estate encourages you to focus your eyes in the middle of the two, and take a good look at Arlington. sturgeon business park is a fantastic place to rent commercial property in tarrant county and is a great way to benefit from the flourishing economy in Arlington. Not only do you get to be a part of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, you get to be a part of Super Bowl XLV. Not too many offices get to be able to say that.

RDS real estate is quite privileged to offer office space in arlington near the 76007 area but is also quite proud to provide an office to rent in fort worth. While RDS does cater to the big 3; Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington is also proud to serve:

  • Haslet
  • Blue Mound
  • Saginaw
  • Kennedale
  • Mansfield
  • Burleson
  • Haltom City

Sturgeon Industrial Park is the supreme choice for those looking for industrial space, a warehouse for sale in Arlington, and is great alternative location for those looking to rent office space in dallas.


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